Tickets for RE-ND-ER-ED’s new installation at Glasgow’s Sub Club are available now from here.

HI 1.0Sub Club, Glasgow, 30 June 2018, 5pm - 9pm

HI 1.0 is an experimental Sonic Sculpture installation of live audio generated visuals and virtual reality experiences alongside site specific physical artworks.  The work explores the relationship between technology, techno and form. The site specific installation allows the audience to feel, hear and see the construct of sound.

3D scans of the Sub Club have been used to create a hyper real virtual realty world of the space, in which techno soundscapes from the clubs sound-system generate / manipulate the virtual reality experience and physical world artworks and projection installation.

HI 1.0 is a completely new way of experiencing Sub Club’s Body Sonic dance-floor and Martin Audio sound-system, pushing it to its limits and creating an immersive experience that evokes exploration from the viewer in the physical space. It will be simultaneously volatile and alluring. A surrealistic digital / physical world that exists only through sound. 

RE-ND-ER-ED is a collaborative project founded by Glasgow based immersive artists Toni Roddie and Jamie Vincent Gillespie, who in 2017 were including in Aesthetica Magazine’s ‘Future Now – Top 100 contemporary artists’. They are dedicated to creating experimental immersive art projects that are embodied both in physical and digital spaces. 

The event is sponsored by Glasgow’s Sub Club and leading production design studio
ISO Design.

Notes to Editors:
For any further information please contact Toni or Jamie at:

+44 7572 509 427

+44 7966 455 590

Facebook @renderedglasgow
Twitter @re_nd_er_ed
Instagram @re_nd_er_ed